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Civil Rehabilitation


■About Civil Rehabilitation

The principle repayment in three years while maintaining the necessary living expenses.
Civil Rehabilitation is a way to opt out of certain debt rehabilitation plan was based on the court.
The debtor to pay back while working as a rehabilitation plan will be subject to the exemption of the remaining debt. The repayment period of three years in principle (5 years) has become installments.

■Civil Rehabilitation is the biggest advantage that can protect a house.

The main advantage of individual rehabilitation is not to lose your home.
If you fall into mortgage having multiple debts, and they petition for bankruptcy, will eventually lose their homes.
However, that people are buying a home is something you have a very strong attachment to the house often. Sacrifice that would be like a home course.
I hope that this meet individual rehabilitation procedures.

In addition, individual play, unlike bankruptcy, it does not undergo a qualification limit. And bankruptcy, auditors and company director, insurance salesman, security guard agency, life insurance, real-estate transaction specialist, will be limited qualifications, such as sales representative brokerage firm in the process of rehabilitation for individuals, those There is no qualification limit. The cause was not liable for the debt increase essentially waste and gambling, mainly away to make equity investments and debt, even people who are difficult to obtain such a decision even if the bankruptcy discharge Individual rehabilitation proceedings is available.

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