Debt problem, multiple debtors, Kuresara damage, we conducted in conjunction Nonprofit Organizations.


Multiple debtors to resolve the problem, first consult with the appropriate offices themselves early on that debt obligation, nothing can take a step toward rebuilding lives, such as debt consolidation or judicial settlement Is important. And, without falling once again indebted to the state party, we believe it is important that we help them go to engage in independent living.
To do this, in addition to legal resolution, it is necessary to establish a system that can be consulted for a variety of factors were meticulous in their background, household management, and rebuilding lives, including lawyers and judicial scrivener . To provide assistance to the depth is assumed to have a variety of issues.
Thus, the experiences that we NPO original multiple debtors, by strengthening and enhancing the professional consultation, we take measures to help rebuild a new life for the salvation of multiple debtors We want to aim depends on the specific activities.

Activity purpose

We have multiple debts, facing issues such as consumer debt problem, loans for victims of credit loan of Commerce, in cooperation with organizations and experts in various fields and their solutions Working on the rebuilding of basic living activities, provision of information, we have aimed to contribute to the promotion of the welfare society and to live a healthy community for all people to make free counseling.


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Consumer Support Center for Non-Profit Organization

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November 30, 2005

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