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Voluntary bankruptcy


■About voluntary bankruptcy

On the institution of bankruptcy is commonly known to many is very popular there.
However, the actual effects and procedures, there are many misconceptions about the impact, it is not known.

Bankruptcy proceedings, the majority in most cases, the simultaneous abolition Dearimasu personal bankruptcy.
Nevertheless, "go on a trip, " "will not receive mail, " "to investigate his private" and that you do not need worry.
Also, other "is described as a bankrupt family register, " "there is no right to vote, " "will be stripped of his credentials to get""a license to be out of the car" has been misunderstood and .

And bankruptcy procedures, the people are suffering from debt relief is a system created to give the country a chance to bounce back again. So, not as a penalty but everyone thinks it will disrupt the life of almost once immunity is not even receiving.
Bankruptcy is a very low risk procedure.

Bankruptcy proceedings are never "without paying lawful" is not.
Fell into bankruptcy proceedings by those multiple debts, the creditors can no longer convey the spirit and repayment conditions, exemption is the system to get on and asked her to pay off debts satisfied.

The important thing is, bankruptcy is a "life restart" is to say that the procedure for.

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