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Voluntary liquidation


■About voluntary liquidation

If the debt is not much talking with creditors and the debtor himself How to organize another debt on the agreed payment terms by reviewing each other.

Liquidation Voluntary The workouts so negotiate a settlement with creditors directly without passing through a court procedure and that each payment conditions, and restrictions on particular law does not exist, very adaptable and flexible And Iemasu way.

In general, ask your lawyer or notary certified legal negotiations with any creditor, to change the terms and monthly repayment calculation based on redrawing the Interest Limitation Law, or negotiate a reduction in delinquency will cause interest By translation, which is performed each settlement negotiations with creditors can be repaid from revenues of current conditions.

On the other hand, in any Osamu Hitoshi must negotiate in the absence of backing of the court to creditors. Also, because there is no legally binding process, and not necessarily settled there quite a few limited areas of instability.

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