We relieve a multiple debtor and the consumer credit damage by debt return consultation in Osaka

■Multiple debt escape / fundamental solution


The person who bears plural debts, who are an obstacle to consumer credit and debt credit and loan.

In addition , the person who I had a debt because I became a guarantor , and was not able to do everyday life.
It wants to be settled by a legal procedure, but the consultation of the expert is difficult to approach, And it is consumers support center Osaka for people to be anxious about a rate.
Because it is NPO, the consultation is free of charge.
We build the network with the judiciary, administration and the legal profession and are solve trouble.

Nothing is settled even if troubled alone.
Let's try the solution to debt together. At first please contact us.


※Our center is run by private support and help and a volunteer without being aimed for profit.

We carry out Osaka, Hyogo, Kyoto, Nara, a conference in Shiga.

Free consultation here ⇒ consumers support center

Activity purpose

The Center is indebted, facing issues such as consumer debt problems for many victims of loan credit loan of Commerce, in cooperation with organizations and experts in various fields of consumer Activities, working to revive the life information fundamental solution to the consultation activities conducted, and aims to contribute to the promotion of the welfare society and to live a healthy community for all people.
We ask readers of this WEB to send us opinions or questions. We will answer as much as possible.

The main content of consultation

●Bankruptcy proceedings

●The house does not want to part even if in debt

●to stop the severe collection of the loan company

●Want to lose a debt seriously

●Advice about the house sale

●The issue of debt of the family

●Other consultation

Debt counseling Osaka
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