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Conciliation of Debts

■About Conciliation of Debts

Mediation is a way we will do a debt consolidation through discussion with the principal creditors during the debtor into court. In a mediation, the mediation committee appointed by the court, we are in talks about how debt consolidation side of the story while listening to the creditor and debtor. A mediation, you may wish to organize and considering any of the court rather clearly. If total debt is relatively large, and who asked not to arrange any lawyer or judicial scrivener, it seems that many cases used when doing your own debt consolidation.

■Notes on special arbitration

Special arbitration is supposed to continue to be repaid. Therefore, if we have difficulty paying your income and assets are not suitable for this procedure.


※Our center is run by private support and help and a volunteer without being aimed for profit.

We carry out Osaka, Hyogo, Kyoto, Nara, a conference in Shiga.

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